Wait, What Are These Columns For?

Now that the demolition of the northbound 710 connector ramp is complete, you may have noticed a series of columns along the south side the eastbound decline as part of the new-look Pico Avenue-Ocean Boulevard intersection. These columns, and ones that eventually will be constructed closer to Pico Avenue, will support an off-ramp that separates from the eastbound approach near the current location of the blue MSS (movable scaffolding system), which is visible in the background.

When the new bridge is open, motorists headed east will drive over the main span, then down the decline. They will stay to the left to take the northbound 710 via the connector ramp (pictured above) or move to the right to access the off-ramp. As motorists come down the off-ramp, they will have the choice to either drive into the city via Ocean Boulevard or wrap around the Pier E Street connector to Pico Avenue.

In the coming months, you will see the raising of steel and wood falsework to construct the off-ramp, which will be on the east side of the Bridge Project and will reach more than eight stories high.

A little fun fact, the future Mark Bixby Memorial Bicycle and Pedestrian Path will be built on the south side of the eastbound Ocean Boulevard to the Pico Avenue off-ramp.