Meet the Bridge Builders Video Series Episode 1: Design Build Construction

Over the eight-year duration of the Bridge Project, the Communications team has gathered a very large number of photos and videos. Part of the team’s role was to archive the progress of the construction for posterity. Knowing that the Bridge Project was approaching its opening last October, the team began assembling footage and conducting interviews with key members of the design, engineering and construction team who played key roles in building the new bridge.

As the Bridge Project construction comes to a close, this weekly update will offer a nine-part, documentary-style Meet the Bridge Builders video series on the various aspects of building the new bridge. In this week’s first installment, we go back to the beginning of the project to look at the design-build approach to the project.

Design-build construction is a method of building where design and construction services are contracted by a single contractor, in this case SFI. This method accelerates the building process versus a more traditional approach of awarding separate contracts for design then construction. It also enabled the innovative design and construction of the Bridge Project through new techniques, such as the Movable Scaffolding System that was used to build the approach structures.