Looking into the Bridge Project Archives

One role of the Bridge Project communications team is to archive the milestones and progress of the construction of the new bridge. We have collected thousands of photos as well as more than 100 videos during the 8-year duration of the project. Virtually all of those videos have been shared with you through this weekly update, on our website and via our social media channels.

The Bridge Project constructed an iconic 100-year bridge for Long Beach and the Southern California region and in doing so drew international attention. Chronicling the story of the project has included capturing the history of the project, why the project was undertaken, how the construction was performed, and the highlights and innovations associated with building a first-of-its-kind cable-stayed bridge in California.

Most of all though, we wanted to tell the stories of the people who helped build the bridge. Thousands of workers had a hand in realizing the completion of the Bridge Project. In the new year, we are excited to share additional behind-the-scenes interviews recounting the origins and tales of the Bridge Project.