2021 Bridge Lighting Schedule

During the December 14 launch of the bridge lighting, 15 different scenes were displayed, including Hanukkah, Christmas, Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Lakers colors, and the Port of Long Beach’s brand colors (turquoise, navy blue, and white).

Overall, there are 28 different scenes that are currently programmed into the bridge‑lighting system to account for more than 40 different holidays, commemorative occasions (e.g., Black History month in February) or anticipated special occasions (e.g., sports championships, the upcoming Olympics, etc.). Several of the color combinations repeat themselves, since some of the scenes serve more than one event (e.g., red, white, and blue).

To enable the general public to follow the different scenes that will be used during the next year, a 2021 Bridge Lighting Schedule fact sheet was created. The schedule includes the specific days that a scene will appear along with how long it will remain active until a new scene replaces it. The fact sheet also shows the Special Scenes that will be used for local sports teams and universities, and local events (e.g., the Long Beach Grand Prix). Note, the color black is actually a very dark blue, since a true rendering of black would entail turning off the lights.