Biggest Stories of the Decade: Bridge Project Nears Completion

With the close of one decade and the start of another, lots of news publications are running retrospectives that look back at the 20-teens or look ahead to the 2020s. Given its groundbreaking in 2013 and anticipated completion next year, the Bridge Project was included in recent stories by the Press-Telegram, Long Beach Business Journal and Grunion Gazette newspapers.

The Press-Telegram article cited the Bridge Project as one the paper’s “Biggest Stories of the Decade.” The story included a slide carousel of different stages of the construction, including images of the current bridge before the building of the new one as well as a recent photo of the Bridge Project from December 27 with nearly all of the cable stays in place.

In its December 17 “Focus on Downtown Long Beach” issue, the Long Beach Business Journal covered the Bridge Project in an article that featured an interview with Duane Kenagy, Capital Programs Executive for the Port of Long Beach, on the progress of the new bridge and its 100-year design life.

This Grunion Gazette article from December 25 provides a terrific look back at the completion of four large construction projects in 2019 and a look at “In Process” projects that advanced in the last year, including the Bridge Project.