West Tower Gets its Cables

In early May, the east tower had its first cable-stay strands installed, and now the west tower has them, too. If you drive along Ocean Blvd on Terrminal Island, you will see that the west tower has a pier table installed, and it is suspended by four cable strands. Like the east-side pier table, all four cable-stays run from the corners up to the first casing hole in the tower.

With the pier tables and first cable-stays installed on both towers, it becomes easier to visualize how the main span will begin to take form. In the coming weeks, the falsework at the west tower will be removed and cranes will be lifted onto both pier tables to begin the balanced-cantilever construction of the main span. Bridge segments will be added symmetrically on both sides of each pier table, extending toward each one’s respective end bent (where the main span meets the approaches) and the center of the bridge over the water.