Top Bridge Project Moments: No. 4 ‘NB 710 Ramp Demolition’

Over Independence Day weekend in 2018, crews demolished the former connector ramp that previously took eastbound traffic from Terminal Island to the northbound 710 freeway. The Fourth of July weekend was chosen to minimize the impact of the demolition on rail traffic. It was a huge coordinated effort among multiple agencies and entities that involved full closures of the roadways and rail throughout the area, including navigating drivers down to the Queen Mary for its annual fireworks show.

The ramp, which went over southbound Harbor Scenic Drive and Ocean Boulevard, was removed so that construction could proceed on a new northbound connector ramp that is now in place.

Large excavators equipped with jackhammers and claws tore down the elevated ramp, as crews worked around the clock to complete the demolition as safely and quickly as possible. The time-lapse video above shows the demolition of the connector ramp over the four days of the closure. If you look sharp, you will see the fireworks going off at the Queen Mary in the background.