Then and Now: the East Tower

One of the sneaky neat privileges of working for years on a large construction project like the new bridge is being able look at its progress over time and reflect on how things were before all the giant structures existed. In the field, many of the workers have been with the project for years and take great pride in their personal role in building specific portions of the new bridge.

On Thursday, while the Bridge Project communications team was on a photoshoot at the east tower, a construction worker named Kyle took out his phone and proudly exclaimed, “I built this tower.” Then, he proceeded to show us a photo of himself standing on the falsework that built the first 20-foot vertical segment of the tower. Adding a distinct element of coolness to Kyle’s story was the fact that showed us his photos as we stood on a platform at the very top of the tower, nearly 515 feet in the air, where he was wrapping up work.

Of course, Kyle had plenty of help in building the tower. But this type of pride in one’s work makes covering the progress of construction a very special thing. So, in honor of Kyle, his buddy Joe, their foreman Blake, elevator operator Tami, and all of the other workers who have had a hand in building their portion of the Bridge Project, we will resurrect one our favorite weekly update themes: Then and Now photos.

The Then photo above was taken in March 2016. From approximately the same angle, the Now photo shows a fully constructed east tower with the pier table and several cable-stays installed. The west tower and its pier table are also visible in the background. What a difference two-and-a-half-years makes.