The View from the Top

One of the most enjoyable parts of our community presentations is showing people the view from the top of the towers. As you can see from the photo above, it’s breathtaking. This photo was taken from a small, temporary platform about 515 feet in the air. During our community presentations, we would talk about being able to see through the gaps in the platform’s plywood floor down to the main deck more than 300 feet below.

Last week, the platform at the top of the west tower was taken down along with its accompanying elevator. Earlier this week, the corresponding temporary platform on the east tower was removed. The only access to the top of the towers now is limited to workers who will go up through the interior of the tower for construction and maintenance purposes.

The spectacular views live on though via our social media channels and as part of the virtual tour that we performed back in April. To view that video, click here. In the coming days, the elevator on the east tower and tower crane will be lowered as the Bridge Project marches toward completion.