Striping the Approaches and Connectors

As work continues on the main span, crews began performing some of the “finishing touches” on other areas of the Bridge Project, including the striping of the approaches and connectors. As you may imagine, there are strict guidelines for placing thermoplastic traffic stripes and pavement markings based on the roughness of the road surface, anticipated weather conditions and other criteria.

This photo above shows the eastbound decline headed into the city. The future connector ramp to the northbound 710 freeway is on the left and the off-ramp toward downtown and Pico Avenue on the right.



Looking up the off-ramp to downtown and Pico Avenue toward future oncoming traffic, the roadway in the foreground will connect with Ocean Boulevard. At this point, striping has been completed on both approaches on the east side of the channel as well as all of the on- and off-ramps connected to them. The striping extends all the way down to where the Bridge Project meets the 710 freeway at Harbor Scenic Drive.

In the coming weeks, striping will be placed on the two approaches on the Terminal Island side of the Bridge Project, which will be clearly visible to motorists headed east on Ocean Boulevard before they head over the current bridge.