When Safety Really Counts

Want this guy’s job? This worker stands on a single steel beam about 30 feet off the ground, receiving a cross-beam from a giant crane adjacent to Pico Avenue. In the video, he and another worker on a manlift place that cross-beam, which will become part of the falsework that will be used to construct the future northbound 710 connector.

Besides having really good balance, this worker wears the proper safety vest with an accompanying weight-bearing tie-off for his protection. He uses hand signals to communicate with the crane operator as the beam is lowered into position. In just over 30 minutes, six cross-beams were laid down; that’s how safely and efficiently these workers and crane operator positioned a couple tons of steel.

And, if you think this work is challenging, try doing it at night. For the span of the connector directly to the east that goes over Pico Avenue, this beam receiving and placement occurred at night under lights to minimize traffic impacts on one of the busiest roadways in the port.