Protecting Towers and Columns at Ground Level

Keeping the towers and columns safe from accidental or deliberate damage from vehicles is a top priorty to ensure the continuous operation of the new bridge. A reinforced concrete barrier rail encircles the base of each of the two towers (east tower pictured above). The barrier rail is placed sufficiently far from the tower to prevent long bed trucks from backing into and damaging the structure.

If you drive along Pico Avenue or Pier D Street underneath the Bridge Project, you’ll see that each column is encircled in 5-foot-tall yellow safety bollards. These permanent, sturdy posts are made of reinforced concrete and can withstand the impact of moving transport trucks, passenger vehicles or forklifts. They are mounted close enough to each other to block standard cars and trucks.

The safety measures go a long way toward protecting the structure of the Bridge Project and helping it reach its intended 100-year lifespan.