Observation Areas to Offer Great Views

Reaching as high as 205 feet in the air at its apex, the future Mark Bixby Memorial Bicycle Pedestrian Path will offer spectacular views of the city of Long Beach, the port complex, oceanfront, and – on clear days – Catalina Island. If you want to stop to soak in those picturesque views and avoid blocking other pedestrians or cyclists, the path will offer three observation areas along the main span.

The picture above shows the observation area – still under construction – that is farthest west on the path. It overlooks the Pier T area and – in the distance – Catalina Island. To give some perspective on the height of the path, note the red pickup truck driving on the current bridge.

The picture below shows the same observation area, facing southeast toward the Long Beach Container Terminal (LBCT), downtown Long Beach and – farther away – the coastline headed down to Seal Beach and the rest of the Orange County coastline. As construction continues, railings and signage will be added to the path and observation area.