Middle Gap Filled

What a difference a few days makes on a construction project. Two weeks ago, we featured a main span “topping-off” ceremony complete with a pine tree and American flag to commemorate the final piece of structural steel being placed for the road deck. It was reminiscent of the tower topping-off ceremony that we performed when the towers were completed in December 2017.

As you can see in the photo above, there was a fairly wide gap between the two spans of the road deck. It was 17 feet wide to be precise. Within a few days of this picture being taken, construction crews filled that gap with the some of the last few 16’x30’ concrete road-deck panels, then stitched them together. Now, one would hardly recognize it:

While the photo may be unspectacular, the fact that the Bridge Project has reached this signifant milestone – closing the middle section of the new bridge – is very important. All that remains to complete construction of the main span is to fill the two gaps at the approach structures. That will occur after the road deck has been post-tensioned. After that, there will be a few more months to complete other parts of the bridge, such as the main-span barriers, paving, lighting and bike-walk path, before the bridge can open to traffic.