Meet the Bridge Builders Video Series Episode 9: A Bridge to Everywhere

In the last episode of our nine-part Meet the Bridge Builders video series, this week’s update looks forward to the promise of the new bridge that Port of Long Beach Executive Director Mario Cordero coined “The Bridge to Everywhere.” The moniker reflects the cargo that travels over the new bridge to literally every congressional district in the United States.

The 100-year anticipated lifespan and design of the new bridge make it truly iconic for Long Beach, Southern California and the nation. The new bridge features a number of superlatives, including being the first vehicular cable-stayed bridge in California, the second-tallest cable-stayed bridge in the United States, and the highest water clearance of any cable-stayed bridge in the U.S.

Perhaps most important, the new bridge will be the centerpiece for the skyline of Long Beach well into the next century.