Mark Bixby Bike and Walk Path Underway

Besides the amazing views, one of the advantages of occasionally getting to visit the top of the Bridge Project towers is the ability to see virtually the entire project area at once. During a recent visit to the top of the east tower, looking toward the city, the future Mark Bixby Memorial Bicycle and Pedestrian Path really stood out as you can see its curving trail along the south side of the eastbound lanes (note the “shelf” on the right side of the righthand bridge deck in the picture).

Named after Mark Bixby, who helped create the city’s Bicycle Master Plan and founded the Long Beach Bike Festival, the 12-foot-wide path will offer lanes for bikers, runners, and pedestrians to cross the new bridge by pedal and foot power. Along the way, there will be observation decks to stop and see the Port and Catalina Island.

In the photo below, looking to the west, you can see the path along the left edge of the new bridge: