Main Span Construction Reaches Over-Water Phase

Recently, construction of the Bridge Project’s main span reached its over-water segments on both towers. Builders are now working more than 200 feet above the water, and with this milestone comes new safety measures. For example, a spotter boat has been stationed in the Back Channel to help ensure safe passage for watercraft traveling under the main span during construction hours, 7 a.m. to 2:30 a.m., Monday through Saturday.

Second-shift (nighttime) work on the east tower begins tonight and will continue on both towers through the duration of construction. For watercraft traveling at night, the spotter boat is equipped with a strobe light and spotlight for easy identification.

To ensure the smooth transit of all watercraft through the channel, the Bridge Project created pathways for safe passage under the main span during the construction of each of the segments. However, there may be times when cranes are lifting materials over or near the water that may require a temporary closure of vessel traffic through the channel. Those on the water should be prepared for periodic delays and plan their travel accordingly.

In late July, main span construction will proceed over the navigable portion of the channel. For watercraft approaching the Bridge Project from the north or south, CB radio or Marine VHF radio can be used to communicate with the spotter boat to determine safe passage.