First ‘Texas U-Turn’ in California Opens Tomorrow

If you’ve driven on Terminal Island lately, you may have noticed a new tunnel being built under the overpass at the intersection of Ocean Boulevard and State Route 47 (SR-47). That’s the Port Access Under Crossing, or PAUC, an innovative traffic feature of the new bridge that has been covered previously in this weekly update. The PAUC will open in the early morning tomorrow, enabling trucks and other vehicles to make a safe and free-flowing U-turn at the west end of the project.

This “Texas U-turn,” so named because it’s a common feature at intersections in the Lone Star state, enables vehicles traveling on one side of a one-way frontage road to make a U-turn onto the opposite frontage road without stopping at a traffic signal. The PAUC was proposed by the contractor to reduce the expense of building and maintaining “flyover” ramps for vehicles entering and leaving our Pier T complex at the Port of Long Beach.

Please note: With the opening of the new undercrossing, trucks and other vehicles leaving the Pier T complex and heading east over the existing bridge to reach the northbound I-710 freeway will now take a new route. Starting tonight at 10 p.m., construction crews will permanently close the eastbound Ocean Boulevard loop on-ramp from Pier T Avenue on Terminal Island. The closure is needed so crews can build new roadways on the south side of Ocean Boulevard. As shown in the map below, the detour for all vehicles headed east will take vehicles to the PAUC.

For more information about the PAUC and related traffic pattern adjustments, visit the Fact Sheets section of our website.