First Overhead Signs Installed

If you’re driving by the Bridge Project, you may notice that some of the overhead signs have been installed along the approach structures and connector ramps. This one is installed at the base of the future westbound decline on Terminal Island. If you take the State Route-47 (SR-47) off-ramp headed west on Ocean Boulevard, you will pass this sign on your right, but it is placed sufficiently far up the approach that you will not see the message to avoid any confusion for motorists.

This sign was placed on the eastbound decline this week to help future motorists who are driving toward the city and the northbound 710 connector ramp.

Interestingly, the content and placement of all of these signs were determined years ago in the design and planning stages of the Bridge Project by traffic engineers to identify the optimal locations for offering wayfinding messages to future motorists driving to and from the new bridge. Now that the approach structures and connector ramps are virtually complete, the installation of these signs is being performed before striping the lanes occurs.