Falsework Tunnel Coming Soon to Pico Avenue

Starting next Wednesday, March 20, there will be all-night closures on Pico Avenue just south of the on- and off-ramp intersection to get onto the Gerald Desmond Bridge. Access to and from the bridge will remain open during these full closures that are scheduled from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. (see below for specific dates).

Motorists headed into the city during these times are cautioned that the free right turn at the eastbound off-ramp from the bridge will be closed. If you are headed into the city, an alternate route is to take SR-47 north to Anaheim Street, turn right, then head east to the southbound 710 Freeway.

Looking at the photo above, falsework will be built headed east toward the giant U brackets (seen in the background). The result will be a large “falsework tunnel” over Pico Avenue for several weeks as two off-ramps are constructed for future motorists to travel into the city via Ocean Boulevard or into the Port complex via the Pier E connector ramp. 

Pico Avenue will be open during the day for the construction of the tunnel. If traveling through the area, motorists are encouraged to plan extra time to reach their destination.