Eastbound Traffic Patterns Changing on Nov. 30

Eastbound traffic patterns coming off the Gerald Desmond Bridge will change starting Friday evening, Nov. 30, when one of two off-ramps to Pico Avenue will close permanently. The closure is needed to make way for construction of the bridge replacement project.

All traffic traveling east from the Gerald Desmond Bridge will still be funneled onto Pico Avenue where vehicles can reach either the northbound 710 Freeway or the Ocean Boulevard detour heading into downtown Long Beach. Instead of two off-ramps, there will be only one.

As motorists descend from the bridge, those heading north to the 710 should remain in the left lanes, and motorists wishing to reach downtown Long Beach should stay in the right lane.

“With all eastbound traffic now using one off-ramp, we encourage all travelers to exercise good judgment and patience. Watch your speed and be aware that traffic may suddenly slow as you reach this single off ramp area,” said Duane Kenagy, Port of Long Beach Capital Programs Executive.

Motorists are being advised to monitor traffic conditions and allow additional time to travel this section of the construction area. Traffic signals and designated turning lanes are being adjusted to help maintain vehicle flow in this area.

To prepare for the ramp closure, there will be a brief overnight detour of eastbound traffic away from the Gerald Desmond Bridge. Starting around 9 p.m. Friday, Nov. 30, all eastbound traffic will be diverted at SR-47. The detour is scheduled to be lifted by Saturday morning.

For a detailed fact sheet and map of the area, click here.