Driving Over the Bridge

When the Bridge Project communications team gave community presentations in the past, we were frequently asked, “when will the first vehicle drive over the bridge” or “who will get to drive over the bridge first?” Our response was always, “the first vehicle to drive over the bridge will be a construction truck hauling equipment and/or people.” Indeed, that was what happened.

It’s now possible for the project’s own construction crews to drive over the bridge, but only on one side: the westbound lanes. The video above shows a car drive up the westbound decline over the main span then down the westbound incline. The car is driving the wrong direction. How do you know? Note the red reflectors in the pavement, versus the typical yellow if you are driving in the right direction.

In the coming months, the eastbound lanes will be completed, and we will conduct a grand opening ceremony where the official “first vehicle over the bridge” will drive over. Stay tuned ...