Bridge Project Virtual Tour: Pier T Field Office

During the month of April, we conducted a virtual tour of the Bridge Project for readers to see the new bridge during the current health crisis, showing you the places you’d see during a standard monthly tour as well as a couple of locations where we do not take the general public due to them being active construction zones.

In the last part of our series, Janeen Obeid, Structures IQA Engineer, and Daniel Rhodes from the Communications Team on the Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project will visit the second location on our standard monthly tour, the field office at Pier T on Terminal Island. Click here for the livecam feed, then select the Pier T tab to see the new bridge from that location.

At the field office, tour attendees get a good view of the two bridges side by side. From this angle, the two towers and cable stays of the new bridge ascend over the current bridge. On the tour and in the video, we discuss the lower grade (i.e. steepness) of the new bridge compared with the current one as well as the balanced-cantilever construction of the main span, which is nearly complete. Check out the video above...