Squeezing a 500-Ton Crane Between Two Columns

There’s a reason crane operators get paid the big bucks. When it comes to maneuvering a 500 ton crawler crane between two columns in the video above, things can get a little tricky. If you look real close at the crawler tread after the first title slide, you’ll see it shimmy side-to-side as it moves due to crane’s massive weight. This isn’t like driving your granddad’s old Buick stationwagon.

Add a giant boom on the front that affects the balance, and it takes a team of trained professionals to keep the operation safe and secure. Taken from a smartphone, this week’s video features a crawler crane squeezing through a narrow (for the giant machine) opening next to the east tower. A vehicle of that size and weight would cause serious damage if it struck anything.

There are a couple of these huge cranes on the project. Following the proper safety procedures, they can navigate through all kinds of tight spaces.