A Super-Sized Display for a Super-Sized Bridge

On July 29, the City of Long Beach celebrated the grand opening of its new Civic Center, which includes a new City Hall and Port Administration Building right along Ocean Bouelvard. The event was open to the public and was held in the Long Beach Civic Center Plaza. One of the great features of the Civic Center is a magnificent 60-foot-wide, 10-foot-high display wall on the first floor of City Hall.

The looping highlight reel of Long Beach that runs on the display wall features photos and video from local photographer Tim Rue, who works with the Port of Long Beach. He and his crew captured the beauty and spirit of the city. The bridge project communications team had the pleasure of arranging a tour of the east tower for him to record a morning in the life of the construction crews there to include footage of the Bridge Project in the piece.

In the picture above, two workers place a bolt plate to connect a couple of edge girders. They’re standing on a beam that is 200 feet in the air. Below them is the top of the current bridge. If you get the chance to visit the new plaza, make sure to drop by this impressive display wall and check out the wonders of the city.